Jewelry Care

For long lasting shine, and natural beauty of our jewelry collections, please avoid contact with water, or sweat whenever possible. 

For a natural shine on silver we recommend a jewelry cloth and a drop of lemon essential oil to bring out the shine without the use of chemicals.


To charge / energetic cleanse your jewelry:

¤ You can place your jewelry on selenite crystal.

¤ Place your jewelry in the windowsill to charge in the sun and moon light.

¤ Attune with sound healing frequency:

Ie~ Crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, Tinksha bells, drums, rattles or (YouTube has many options for this) play your favourite song loud enough to vibrate through your space and attune your crystal healing jewelry 😊


When to cleanse your jewelry:

¤ When ever you feel called too, and especially when you've experienced perceived negative energies, emotions, arguments etc. That is a good indicator for needing an energy cleanse ourselves, and our crystal healing jewelry will benefit as well.